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Cancer is currently the most common cause of death in most developed countries around the world. In the USA, comprehensive progress in cancer research, prevention, and care has resulted in reduced rates of cancer since the 1990s, indicating that these strategies could also benefit other countries, such as China, where the cancer burden is steadily increasing.

However, the effectiveness of cancer prevention strategies is highly dependent on cancer epidemiology (i.e., the trends in the incidence, distribution, causative factors, etc. of these diseases)-;which can vary from country to country. Hence, a comparative analysis of long-term trends in cancer incidence and mortality is warranted before their adoption.

To provide some answers, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College performed a large-scale comparative study of cancer trends in China and the USA, using open-source data.

Their study, which was made available online on 9 February 2022, in the Chinese Medical Journal, provides an updated insight into cancer epidemiology in China and the USA.