Lauren Akins and Thomas Rhett are soaking up their final moments of family vacation!

On Thursday, Akins shared two cute selfies to Instagram of her family hanging out on the beach before returning home from their vacation.

The family photos show the couple and their three daughters, Lennon Love, 14 months, Ada James, 3½, and Willa Gray, 5, posing together in front of the ocean. Akins and Thomas Rhett are also expecting another daughter in November.

“Peace signs always now ✌🏿✌🏽and never a serious pic these days in our fam 🙂 here’s our ‘bye bye beach’ attempt at a selfie before heading home to Kona & Cash 💙,” Akins begins the caption.

The soon-to-be mom of four also noted that Ada James was wearing makeup in the photo, thanks to her grandmother.

“Yes Ada James is wearing makeup that she convinced my grandmother to put on her after she snuck up to her room and into her makeup bag 😂💕,” Akins writes.

Earlier this week, Thomas Rhett shared another photo from a special moment on vacation — when Willa Gray caught her first snapper!