Several fans were injured while running from the Lil Durk concert, which erupted into chaos outside the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix Saturday night.

People apparently panicked when they thought they heard gunshots. But the venue believes that when the rapper dropped his microphone, some people thought it sounded like gunshots and started running out.

“When that noise comes through the PA system, it’s pretty jarring. So that loud noise caused people to panic, and people did scurry quite rapidly,” said Andrew Birgensmith, general manager of the Celebrity Theatre.

“I didn’t hear any gunshots; I just reacted,” said Claresa Allison, a Lil Durk fan from Iowa.” It was like a wave, so everybody went and I just went. It was either you went or you got trampled.”

Phoenix Police Sgt. Ann Justus said officers responded for reports of shots fired at the venue around 10 p.m. More than 7,000 people were at the Smurkchella concert featuring Lil Durk. When police arrived, fans were scrambling to flee the area.

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