Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, slammed the media for its coverage of the former president ending his blog, and warned that Trump’s words will “surely kill again.”

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Schmidt, a veteran GOP strategist, weighed into on how to assess the former president’s relativity and power amid the shutdown of the “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” blog.

Schmidt criticized the “profoundly stupid media coverage” around the blog’s shutdown, and argued against the notion that it’s “evidence of his decline, irrelevance and diminishment.”

But Schmidt said that the blog’s popularity – or lack there of – has nothing to with how much power the former president actually yields, and warned that he presents a “clear and PRESENT danger to our democratic society and national stability.”

“Trump has the ability to kill and destroy with the spoken word. His words; his lies, delusions and conspiracy theories have caused bloodshed. That is what happened on January 6th. His words will surely kill again,” Schmidt said.

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