As the world slowly reopens again, the entertainment industry is breaking news about returning.

Headline artists are announcing dates for live concerts in Northeast Ohio, and local bands are taking stages around town.

During the day, the All Saints Public House along the Shoreway is full of sounds, but when the sun goes down, it’s music that fills the room.

“For an artist, music, performing, it’s their life,” Mikey Silas, lead singer of Apostle Jones, told 3News. “I sing blues, rock, soul.”

And after one year without, the band is singing live again.

“To give back after a year when we’ve all lost a lot? It’s relief,” Silas said.

With things reopening, Silas and his band are staying busy.

“[Places are] looking for bands, like, last minute, and there’s almost this hustle to try and fill up these dates,” he explained.

That’s how the owner of All Saints, Stephen Stopko, likes to keep the set list.

“The live music is really what got us back on track,” he said.