It’s been now more than two months since local entertainment venues like Rec Room Buffalo applied for Federal money as part of the Shuttered Venue Operator’s Grant with the United States Small Business Association.

“Getting this money yesterday was still too late,” said Chris Ring, Owner of Rec Room. “We really needed this money when the portal opened.”

Applications started to be filed in April.

“It’s just not fast enough,” he said. “Not getting the venues that needed the money most. I think you’re going to see a lot of venues shutter because they didn’t see the money in time.”

Ring is also a representative for the National Independent Venue Association, representing theaters and other entertainment businesses who are waiting for money.

“They have gone on record saying they hope to award all members by the 4th of July, but their daily turnaround time doesn’t add up,” he said.

For the SVOG program, there is $16 billion available for shuttered venues.

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