For many at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the shift from in-person to virtual learning was a difficult obstacle to overcome. Now, more than a year later, and one local team is taking their hard work and dedication further than ever before.

Broadalbin-Perth High School’s Odyssey of the Mind team is taking their problems to the world stage.

“This year, our problem was to, we had to start in the real-world setting and then we had to travel to a virtual reality world,” ninth grader Jacob Hughes explained.

Tasked with a problem that requires creativity and thinking outside the box, students put their minds together to find a solution that can be presented in a theatrical and entertaining way.

“This is our backdrop, which transitions from the real world all the way down through dimensions into our virtual reality world, which is a store.”

Normally, the group would meet on a weekly basis to practice and design costumes for their final presentation, but the shift to virtual learning created a whole new problem for the students to solve.

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