Growing up in Long Prairie, it was her mother, Lillian Fehrman, who steered her onto taking piano lessons, said Kathy Pederson, piano teacher at St. Francis Music Center in Little Falls.

She was about 5 or 6 years old when she first started to learn how to play the piano. Playing the piano came naturally to her. She doesn’t recall that she ever struggled too much with it.

Looking back at her childhood years, Pederson said she played the piano whenever she had the chance.

“I had home chores and other things to do, but when I wasn’t doing that, I played. I played all the time,” she said.

Pederson recalls asking her dad, Kenneth Fehrman, to bring a hymn book from church. He did and she started to play hymns. Whenever the congregation sang a hymn she really liked, she looked it up and learned how to play it.

“Once you start to learn how to play hymns, it isn’t too hard. They are different, but they still have somewhat the same format,” she said.

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