Love Island alumni Demi Jones has opened up about the crippling side-effects of her thyroid cancer treatment, telling fans she feels like she has the “energy levels of a 60-year-old.”

The 22-year-old recently had surgery to remove her thyroid, and has spoken candidly about her painful journey on social media.

Taking to Instagram Demi looked tired confessing she has “no motivation” due to the side-effects of her tablets, but explained that it could be because part of her thyroid was removed as part of her treatment.

Talking openly with her followers the star captioned her post: “Survivors have warned me about a drop in energy levels, but oh my don’t I feel it.

“I literally look so drained as well omg, I think I need to ask for my dosage to be upped.”

In her Instagram Stories Demi said: “My energy levels since my surgery.. I don’t know if it’s the fact I don’t have a thyroid anymore or that I am on these new tablets, I think it’s the tablets.

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