Home Politics Lt. Gov. Mike Foley talk politics during GICC visit

Lt. Gov. Mike Foley talk politics during GICC visit


A Grand Island Central Catholic student shared his love for politics with his peers on Thursday.

Senior Hayden Price took it upon himself to invite Lt. Gov. Mike Foley to come to the school and speak with students and Foley gladly accepted the invitation.

On Thursday, he talked about his career in politics, as well as, the importance of voting and getting involved in various topics. Then, they opened the floor to questions.

“I’m so impressed with these kids, these kids are really, really smart kids and they’re engaged with the issues of the day, they know what’s going on in the world,” Foley said. “I can see by their questions, the kind of questions they’re asking, smart questions about the current events, so they’re paying attention to the issues of our day and I take great hope in that.”

“I think a lot of young people think that our vote doesn’t really matter, the election is pretty much done for anyway just based off the polls but we have to remember that there are many local elections that are literally determined by one or two votes,” Price said.

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