Cooper Handy, aka Lucy, has been making bizarro pop music since 2010, when he was 16 and living on Cape Cod. He started as a teenager messing around with GarageBand plugins, then cut his chops in the Dark World collective, Western Massachusetts’ answer to GothBoiClique. (He left the group in 2016, not long after the FADER published a photo of the crew drinking Dunkin’ shirtless.) Now based a few hours away from the Cape in the town of Hadley, he’s become inescapable within a certain East Coast DIY set, showing up on bills at every basement venue and semi-legal artists’ loft you can think of. There’s a reason for this: His surreal songs exist on their own planet. The Music Industry Is Poisonous, his ninth record and second release of the past year, is one such offering.

Handy’s music is naive and free-associative, written with the exploratory excitement of a little kid flipping rocks in search of bugs. Over frenetic drum machine and synth on “Turn Page,” he catalogs his elementary school teachers

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