After two years of planning and hard work, a 100-foot long mural showcasing the pride of the Lynn Garden community is going up on the walls for the whole city to see.

With a grant from the city of Kingsport, the Lynn View Advisory Committee spearheaded an effort to create a mural on the outdoor walls of the Lynn Garden Hardware building. Organizers say the mural was done to showcase the people, businesses, schools and churches of Lynn Garden.

On Saturday, the mural began to go up.

“It tells a story that’s both positive and true,” said Jim Wells, a member of the committee and long-time Lynn Garden volunteer. “It projects realism, emotions and energy. … This will be the showplace for murals in the Tri-Cities. I think it’s that good.”


The 100-foot-long mural illustrates a brief history of the Lynn Garden community, including such iconic images as the Lynn Garden restaurant, the old Lynn View High School (and Lynx mascot), the Optimist Club’s youth football league, a Pal’s cup, model trains, a golden cross and senior citizens.

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