Machine Gun Kelly is head over heels in love with Megan Fox but it turns out that he’s been crushing on the actress long before dating her! The artist admitted that he used to be a fan growing up and had her poster on his wall. With that being said, it’s safe to say that MGK is now living out his teenage dream.

He revealed this and more in a new interview with GQ for which he chatted with Wesley Lowery, a journalist he went to high school with. Initially, he mentioned that he’d managed to achieve all his dreams from back then in terms of his career, before going on to add that his personal life is a dream come true as well.

The man admitted that he’d had his eye on the beautiful actress for long before meeting her in person and falling deeply in love with her. In fact, one of his friends from high school recalled him saying he would one day marry Megan, which now seems to be a very easy to achieve goal. Wesley noted that MGK has a tattoo of the Decepticon logo from Transformers, which is one of the first movies starring Megan, going on to also share that the singer used to have the actress’ poster in his room as a teenage boy.