Several Republican priorities stalled ahead of a legislative deadline this week, but negotiations on the bills will continue with the help of legislative workarounds, leaders say.

Friday marks the end of the 10th week of the 2022 legislative session. It’s the second “funnel” deadline to sideline policy bills that haven’t advanced far enough through the legislative process. In theory, a bill must make it all the way through floor debate in one chamber, and through committee in the other.

A handful of priority bills, including proposals from Gov. Kim Reynolds on private school scholarships and unemployment, did not meet that benchmark.

“We’re still in the process of trying to find compromises and trying to work things through the process… I’ve made some moves to different committees to keep things alive and keep the conversations going,” House Speaker Pat Grassley said Thursday.

Lawmakers have several options to resurrect a bill if it doesn’t meet the funnel deadline, including adding policy to other bills or budget proposals. Budget and tax bills, and legislation sponsored by leadership, are exempt from the deadline.

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