a sign on the side of a building: A logo sign outside of facility occupied by U.S. Bancorp (Bank) in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 29, 2017.US Bank told employees Wednesday they will no longer be due back in the office early next month because of surging Covid-19 cases. “There are increased caseloads across the globe, and the Delta variant has caused us to adjust our plans,” Andy Cecere, the company’s CEO, wrote in an email to employees. Jeff Shelman, a spokesperson for the bank, confirmed the email, which was first reported by the Star Tribune.

US Bank, one of America’s largest banks, had planned to bring employees across the country back to offices on September 7. “After weighing our options, we believe the right course of action is to postpone our broader return to office until sometime in the fourth quarter,” Cecere said. US Bank did not announce a new date to return to the office, but said it will give employees 30 days’ notice

Like most companies, US Bank shifted to virtual work when the pandemic erupted last year, with about 70% of the bank’s roughly 70,000 employees working remotely. US Bank said only a very small number have returned to the office in a hybrid mode since then.

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