Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is attempting to present herself as someone who is not full of hate for marginalized people after receiving intense bipartisan backlash for her repeated comments comparing pandemic-era public health recommendations to the Holocaust.

The Georgia Republican and QAnon conspiracy theorist said at a press conference on Monday that she was sorry for those comments. She visited the Holocaust Museum the same day and said she had learned more about the horrors of the Nazi genocide against Jewish people.

It’s unclear why Greene had to visit the museum ― or announce that she had visited the museum ― before apologizing for her anti-Semitic comments. Most people are already aware of how horrific the Holocaust was. And that should have included the lawmaker, who revealed on Monday that she had visited the notorious death camp Auschwitz when she was 19 years old.

Greene came under fire last month for her multiple efforts to equate COVID-19 vaccine guidelines to the Holocaust, a shocking comparison that earned rebukes from members of both political parties.

On May 25, she tweeted an article about a Tennessee market allowing vaccinated workers and customers to enter the store unmasked. Employees wear a logo on their nametags to signify they’ve been inoculated and are allowed to go maskless.

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