New CISA board members

The board of directors for the Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture has three new members, including farmers from Sunderland and Hadley.

Kat Chang Laznicka of Sunderland owns and operates Reed Farm in Sunderland, a small-scale pastured poultry farm and licensed poultry processing facility since 2019.

Wally Czajkowski of Hadley owns Plainville Farm, where tobacco and vegetables are grown.

Finally, Jenny Ladd of Northampton is a philanthropic advisor as well as fundraising coach and trainer on race and class issues.

Dakin’s pet food drive nets over 10K pounds

SPRINGFIELD — Dakin Humane Society’s 2021 Pet Food Drive, held during the month of April, yielded more than 10,000 pounds of pet food by month’s end, according to Dakin’s Executive Director Carmine DiCenso.

In previous years the nonprofit held pet food drives for a one-week period, but the enormous increase in demand for pet food that began during the pandemic led to the decision to make it a monthlong effort.

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