Many Virginia farmers dealing with mental health struggles

Farmers across the United States and here in the Valley are struggling with mental health issues, and the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation is looking to raise awareness of the problem and provide help to those in need.

“Farming has always been a stressful career. It’s rewarding but very stressful because day in day out you don’t really get a break, so it’s always been a problem, and the pandemic has just sort of exacerbated what’s already been a problem,” said Jeremy Daubert, a dairy extension agent at the Virginia Farm Bureau’s Rockingham County extension office.

At the end of last year, 65 percent of farmers surveyed by the American Farm Bureau said the pandemic adversely affected their mental health.

“I work a lot with dairy farmers, and milk prices have really been up and down a lot, so it’s hard to sort of budget for your next year when you don’t know what your next month’s prices are gonna be, livestock producers have a hard time finding markets sometimes,” said Daubert.

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