Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie talks about the pressure of playing the live-action version of Barbie in an upcoming film directed by Greta Gerwig.

Margot Robbie admits that playing the role of the iconic Barbie doll in an upcoming live-action film comes with a lot of baggage. The live-action film based on the popular doll has been in development for years now. The film joins a long list of Mattel toy brands getting the live-action treatment, including a Polly Pocket film starring Lily Collins and a Rock’em Sock’em Robots flick with Vin Diesel at its helm.

The Barbie movie has spent about a decade being tossed around various Hollywood studios. It started at Universal before moving to Sony. At that time, Amy Schumer was set to star in the film as the titular doll in 2016 before dropping out due to scheduling conflicts. Then, Anne Hathaway was selected to fill her place. And while plans for shooting began to shape up, the film rights went back into the hands of Mattel, who sold the rights to Warner Bros. It was then when Robbie was selected to star as the doll and serve as a producer through her LuckyChap Entertainment group. Greta Gerwig signed on to write the script, with rumblings that she might direct as well. It was rumored that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins would take the director’s chair, but Jenkins shot that down.

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