When it comes to Gen Z’s favorite beauty brands, a new report finds that accessible drugstore names top the list. Gen-Z media company Kyra’s “Gen Z State of Beauty Report” released on Monday reveals that Maybelline ranks first among makeup brands and Dove leads skin care in a survey of 3.500 respondents ages 13-25.

Mass brands that saw success on TikTok in the past year performed especially well, with E.l.f and Nyx rounding out the top three for makeup, and Hyram favorite CeraVe in second for skin care. In addition to TikTok virality, other factors influencing Gen Z’s favorites included YouTube, influencer recommendations and brand values.

Conducted between May 2021 and June 2021, the report found that Maybelline had kept its spot as the No. 1 makeup brand among respondents since 2019, gaining percentage points in 2021. According to Marnie Levan, Maybelline’s vp for integrated consumer communications, the brand’s success with Gen Z comes from its investment in relevant influencer and celebrity marketing on top Gen-Z social channels.