House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said President Biden’s policies have put the “country in crisis” and Americans would be better off if Biden had done absolutely “nothing” since taking office.

McCarthy held a news conference Thursday on the steps of the Capitol flanked by his GOP colleagues where they railed against the border crisis, inflation and crime spikes in America.

When asked if Biden has done anything right so far, McCarthy declined to give the commander in chief any positive feedback. “I haven’t found very many things that they have done right, no,” McCarthy, R-Calif., said. “If the president asked my advice, had he done nothing since he took office, optimism would be up 20%, not down.”

McCarthy was referencing a new poll that showed Americans’ optimism about the direction of the country has plunged nearly 20 percentage points since late April — with Biden’s approval rating taking a hit for his response to the border crisis, crime and gun violence.

McCarthy said Biden would have been better off doing nothing instead of enacting executive orders he says exacerbated migrant border crossings and made the United States less energy independent.

The new polling from ABC also showed that Biden got his lowest approval rating yet for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as the more contagious delta variant takes hold in America, vaccination rates have slowed down and governments and health agencies are revising their coronavirus and masking policies.