It helps a lot if you are able to provide accurate and consistent data about your data to your doctor. Along with regular health checkups, it becomes easy for the doctor to diagnose any illness or ailment if there’s proper data available about your health. Low-cost gadgets which help in tracking your vitals like blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, respiration rate, pulse rate and others come handy at times.

When it comes to buying medical gadgets for personal usage, it is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor to get the right advice. Here are seven medical gadgets you may want to keep at home to track your health regularly.

Note: This article doesn’t recommend any particular device from any brand. Talk to your doctor or medical professional on the correct usage and accuracy levels before using any healthcare device. This article is simply intended to inform readers about basic personal health tracking devices that are available in India and in no way provides any information vetted by a medical professional or organisation.

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