Medicare cuts, ASC rates, new FDA-approved drugs: Latest for 2022Medicare payment changes, ASC payment rates and new FDA approved drugs were a few of the topics discussed in a presentation on 2022 updates for ophthalmic practices at Hawaiian Eye 2022.

Paul M. Larson, MBA, MMSC, COMT, CPC, COE, CPMA, a senior consultant from Corcoran Consulting Group, said that the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule was just updated a few weeks ago.

“With the revised numbers, in many cases, it did result in revised payments, the conversion factor in general, went down by about 29 cents,” Larson said.

According to Larson, when generating the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, an estimate for the impact on all various specialties must be considered.

“The estimate of the impact from CMS for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and the average practice was that you would end up with on the optometry and ophthalmology side with a value of 0% impact,” he said.

PAYGO, the portion of the federal budget that’s pay as you go, was originally supposed to take a 4% pay cut, Larson said. However, Congress delayed that from happening for at least another year.