Korean beauty’s growing popularity means that our appetite for Korean hacks too is growing leaps and bounds. Everyday we hear about new techniques that we want to test and try, like Jamsu which has gone viral on social media. This technique can roughly be translated to English as submergence. Wondering how it works? Well it basically involves submerging the face into ice-cold water with your base makeup on, to make it stay on longer and look flawless.

I know what you’re thinking! It sounds quite crazy because who in their right mind would want to dunk their face into freezing water especially after working hard on that base. Don’t worry there is a method to the madness and multiple steps involved to reach the final look.

What started this crazy phenomenon was when Bella confessed to beauty mogul and blogger Huda Kattan about her love for the technique. The makeup hack is also a favourite among the Tik-Tok generation as it went viral on the platform. The process can be shocking but if you go by Huda Kattan other people who swear by Korean hacks then it’s the way to go. The powder settles into the skin and the water hydrates the skin making it appear smooth and even.