Megan Fox says she was “overlooked for her talent and intelligence because of her good looks.

The ‘Jennifer’s Body’ star says for the first half of her career Hollywood was a “patriarchal, misogynistic hell” and no one valued her comedy skills so she was always cast as the dumb hot chick.

The 35-year-old actress – who is in a relationship with rap-rocker Machine Gun Kelly – also recalled facing criticism from other women for “speaking out” about it.

She told The Washington Post: “I think there has been a pervasive perception of me as a shallow succubus, if that makes any sense, for at least the first decade of my career.

“And then that started to change more recently as people revisited my interviews, listened to me speak and started to see me in a different way.

“I was so lost and trying to understand, like, how am I supposed to feel value or find purpose in this horrendous, patriarchal, misogynistic hell that was Hollywood at the time.

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