Lady Diana Spencer did hers in a hastily bought off-the-rack suit from Harrods. Sophie Rhys-Jones looked like she was off for a performance review in a drab grey number and when it was Kate Middleton’s turn, her choice of a blue wrap dress from the brand Issa sold out within 24-hours.

For every woman who marries into the house of Windsor going back decades, there comes a moment on their engagement day when they are forced to endure The Interview – a toothless grilling conducted by a hand selected reporter decked out in a sombre outfit.

For all intents and purposes, up until this moment the royal brides-to-be might not have possessed the power of speech, given how rarely their voices were heard in public.

Rather, the first time the world heard the carefully elocuted vowels of Diana or Sophie or Kate was when they and their intended duly sat down for The Interview.

But Meghan Markle? By the time she and a beaming Prince Harry sat down on November 27, 2017 for their chance to enthusiastically gush about one another while the cameras rolled, well, the world had already heard plenty from her.

Just over two months prior, Meghan had shocked the world by appearing on the cover of the October issue of Vanity Fair, the stunning portrait of the actress on the cover emblazoned with “She’s Just Wild About Harry!”

The associated story inside was very loosely pegged to the 100th episode of her cable series, but really, there was only one thing which the world cared about: her romance with a real life Prince.