Meghan Trainor has opened up about her scary birth as she welcomed son Riley to the world.

The singer, 27, gave birth to her first child with husband Daryl Sabara via cesarean section in February.

But she has now described for the first time how the birth was “terrifying”.

The All About The Bass singer revealed that her son was breech before the birth and immediately had “breathing issues”.

Speaking with Today on Wednesday, Meghan told of the panic she felt when her newborn didn’t immediately cry.

She said: “It was one of those horror stories where he didn’t cry. He didn’t make noise when he came out. I was like, ‘Why isn’t he crying?’”

And she said it was “terrifying” when the doctors told her that her son was having issues with his breathing.

The now-three-month-old baby was immediately rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit so that he could be fed via a tube.

The singer said that the worst part was the fact that she only seen him “for one second” before they whisked him away for extra help.

However, she now says: “We’re so lucky we got to bring him home after five days.”

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