Breonna Taylor, the Black EMT shot and killed by Kentucky police, would have turned 28 on June 5, 2021. (Photo: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Michelle Obama paid her respects to Breonna Taylor, the Black EMT who was killed by police in her Kentucky home, on her 28th birthday.

“Thinking of you today, Breonna,” tweeted the former first lady on Saturday, sharing an illustration of the essential worker by painter Amy Sherald.

On March 13, 2020, Taylor died after two Louisville undercover police officers burst into her home, where she lay sleeping with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, and opened fire, striking Taylor five times. Officers Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankison and Jonathan Mattingly of the Louisville Metro Police Department had arrived with a “no-knock” warrant to search Taylor’s home, the address of which her ex-boyfriend had used to mail drugs, reported ABC News.

When the officers forced open Taylor’s door, Walker, a registered gun owner with no criminal record, yelled out to who he believed were intruders but said he heard no response (Mattingly claimed the officers repeatedly yelled, “Police, search warrant!”). So Walker fired his gun and the officers fired back with more than 25 bullets, some of which entered neighboring homes. Walker called 911 for help; however, he was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer.