It’s not every day that you find a beauty brand founder who tells you to stop buying more makeup, but that is what Minori’s Anastasia Bezrukova has set out to do.

On June 29, the Montreal-based Ipsy alum’s beauty brand launched via DTC e-commerce with an assortment of three initial products: a cream highlighter, a cream blush and a lip gloss. The vegan brand will also be sold at The Detox Market beginning July 14, after working closely with the clean beauty retailer in developing formulations that meet its standards. The brand aims to emphasize minimalism — its name is short for “minimalist origins” and references the Latin word for “less.”

“I want to tell my customer that she doesn’t need to buy more, and I want us to promote mindful consumption as a path to sustainability,” said Bezrukova.

After working in personalization at Ipsy, she came up with the idea for Minori after realizing that her vast beauty collection had become unwieldy. “I would have lipsticks that I’ve owned for four or five years,” she said. As a certified Marie Kondo consultant, she noticed that most of her friends also had massive beauty stashes going to waste. “Most women I’ve met have drawers and closets filled” with beauty they never use.