If you could go back in time and provide crucial information to your past self, what would it be? That is the plot of a short film titled “Jimmie’s Time Quest,” being submitted under the Video on Demand category to the national Technology Student Association (TSA) competition this summer by Neshoba Central High School students.

The Neshoba Central students, Ethan Harden, Kathryn Dreifuss, William Schmid, Jacob Goforth, Wayne Weaver and Aiden Collins (all rising juniors and seniors), worked together to make the short film happen in just a couple of days.

The students won first place earlier this year in the state-level TSA competition in the Video On Demand category with a movie trailer they made titled “The Boy and his Key.” The trailer focused on a young boy, equipped with only a book, backpack, key and his wits, who receives a treasure map in the mail and is tasked to find a gemstone somewhere in the world.

The plot of the short film that is still in production for the national competition focuses on the protagonist, Jimmie McGill, a boy who failed high school. Luckily, he meets a wizard who has the power to send him back in time to tell his past self to do better in school and change the future, or else he will fail and be forced to drop out.