The MLB trade deadline for 2021 arrives on Friday afternoon, and at this late hour the trade rumors are flowing like pristine river water and or untreated sewage. Let’s have a look, shall we? As for what’s already happened, our deadline trade tracker is here to help. Now for Thursday’s scuttlebutt.

The Mets are trying to hang on to first place in the balanced but unspectacular NL East. If not for an inordinate run of injuries all season, New York might have a more comfortable lead over the Phillies and Braves. Since better health may be beyond their immediate control, the Mets may look to make some notable additions before Friday arrives. Speaking of which, Kiley McDaniel of ESPN reports that something big may be in the works.

The Mets have been linked to an array of deadline candidates: Kris Bryant of the Cubs, Trevor Story of the Rockies, and Jose Berrios of the Twins, among them. Other targets may include Javier Baez and Craig Kimbrel of the Cubs.

The rotation figures to get healthier in the near- to mid-term, which may mean Bryant or Story is the most likely target for the Queenslanders. Either would make a great deal of sense as the Mets deal with the uncertainty surrounding Francisco Lindor’s oblique injury and a general lack of depth in the lineup.