A search of the VTA shooting suspect’s home has turned up multiple gasoline cans, 17 Molotov cocktails, twelve firearms and about 25,000 rounds of ammo, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI.

Investigators have been at the suspect’s home on Angmar Court since Wednesday searching every corner of the house. They found Molotov cocktails inside Friday morning. Multiple sources told ABC News the Molotov cocktails were completed, but did not explode. Authorities aren’t sure why he had the volatile concoctions, but it could have been an attempt to accelerate the fire at his home.

The suspect, 57-year-old VTA employee Sam Cassidy, set fire to his home on Angmar Court before going to the light rail yard and control center where he shot and killed nine people.

Deputies say Cassidy set the fire by putting ammunition inside a pot on the stove, then placing additional accelerants around the stove. The ammunition heating on the stove eventually set the fire.

A locker at the rail yard believed to be the shooter’s also contained “materials for bombs, detonator cords, the precursors to an explosive,” said Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith.

“It is clear that this was a planned event and the suspect was prepared to use his firearms to take as many lives as he possibly could had Sheriff’s Deputies not made entry to stop his rampage,” the department said Friday.

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