“Friends” fans are being given the chance to crash for a night at Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

More than a quarter century since Rachel sought refuge with Monica after running out of her wedding to Barry the dentist, “The Friends Experience” — a two-story, immersive celebration of the show launched in New York in March — has teamed up with travel company Booking.com to provide what it calls “The Ultimate Sleepover.”

The interactive 18-room exhibit is full of props from the apartment and recreates classic scenes from the hit ’90s sitcom.

While interior scenes for the show were filmed in an LA studio, the exterior of the building is a real-life New York location — 130 East 23rd Street — which is now the home of “The Friends Experience.”

“With re-creations of the beloved television series’ set — guests will relive Ross’ infamously doomed sofa pivot, peek through Rachel and Monica’s purple door, relax on Chandler and Joey’s recliners after playing some foosball, explore newly added original props and costumes from the show and much more,” Booking.com said in the announcement. “It will leave guests gasping: OH. MY. GAWD!”

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