Republican Ohio Senate leaders unveiled their version of the state budget Tuesday, which changes the House’s school funding overhaul plan and calls for a 5% income tax cut that would cost the state $874 million. Laura Hancock reports that the cuts, which are bigger than what House Republicans approved, could set up a legal showdown with the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden, whose American Rescue Plan prohibits states from using federal stimulus money to pay for tax cuts.

Made in Ohio: Peloton’s plan to build a $400 million manufacturing plant near Toledo could be a sign of more good things to come for Ohio. As Peter Krouse explains, it’s evidence of a trend among businesses to make products in the United States and avoid the supply chain risks that have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. And Ohio is in a good position, with available land, proximity to much of the country’s population, good railroad access and a rich manufacturing heritage.

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