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Move Over Straws, Cotton Swabs Just Got Its Sustainable Make-Over

Is there anything more satisfying than cleaning out your ears after a hot shower? However, those seemingly innocent cotton swabs are polluting oceans and beaches to the tune of millions each year. LastObject is the first company to roll out sustainable silicone “cotton” swabs called LastSwab, one for ear wax maintenance and one for beauty needs.It’s 2021, and single-use products like cotton swabs are out. A single LastSwab is designed to replace 1,000 traditional cotton swabs and is an easy $12 investment to use for a greener self-care routine.

The biggest question most of us have is, Will these sustainable “cotton” swabs made from silicone still give that after-shower satisfaction? Maybe. Maybe not.

One Amazon reviewer said, “These are great for cleaning wax out and for itchy ears, but do nothing to dry your ear if it is moist from sweat or getting out of the shower.” However, another reviewer shared their swab routine saying they use the swab as a massager and to scrape softened wax after a shower; then use the LastSwab again after their ear dries to finish the job of sweeping the wax out.

Another reviewer pointed out that it depends on what type of ear wax you have, “Whilst it’s near perfect for me as I have thicker ear wax, they’re essentially useless for my partner who has very thin wax. So I’ll still be buying bamboo cotton buds for him.