Images that show Batman costumes from different movies spotlighting Gotham’s hero reveal what Batman looks like without his ears, and it’s silly.

Batman costumes from various movies about the Caped Crusader have been shown without ears, and they look ridiculous. The Batman character debuted in the comics in 1939, and it has become one of the biggest and most iconic superheroes of all time, particularly when it comes to the big screen. The Batman films truly took off when Michael Keaton wore the famous Batsuit in Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989. Since then, other memorable outings for Batman on the big screen have included Christian Bale’s more grounded and realistic Dark Knight, as well as Ben Affleck’s older and more brutish Batman. Of course, a great way to highlight these different Batman’s was by tweaking the iconic Batsuit.

Michael Keaton’s original costume featured the black suit with incredibly pointy ears and the iconic Batman logo with the yellow on the chest. Of course, the yellow logo didn’t last too long, and in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, fans see a black bat logo that is less noticeable and plays into the idea of Batman being more one with the shadows. Affleck’s Batman saw the return of the famous grey suit that Batman was known to wear in the comics, which also had smaller bat ears. There have been plenty of unique and utterly shocking adjustments to the costume in the past, the Bat nipples being an obvious example. However, the Batsuit has never really been seen without the famous pointy bat ears, which was a good thing.

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