MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, who lost the NBC Nightly News anchor position for fabricating a journalism war story, blasted Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., this week for living in a world “of his own imagination.”

He also attacked Manchin’s fellow West Virginians Tuesday in an apparent display of coastal elitism aimed at opposition to ending the Senate filibuster rule. Williams is among the liberal journalists who have relentlessly attacked Manchin for not getting on-board with left-wing calls to abolish the filibuster and pass far-reaching voting legislation.

In a segment flagged by NewsBusters, the host stated the moderate Democrat was living in a world of “his own making and his own imagination.” He then claimed that, because of the state’s relatively small population, Manchin and its citizens were “punching above their weight” in regards to his opposition to ending the filibuster and essentially dooming Democrat-backed legislation aimed at nationalizing elections.

“The odds of getting any voting rights legislation through Congress are incredibly slim as we have this conversation tonight,” Williams said.

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