What isn’t there to love about smart desk gadgets? These accessories make your work-from-home or office schedule more productive, efficient, and, well, enjoyable. You spend most of your waking life working, so why not invest in yourself with tech that can streamline your tasks and make your days more stress-free? In today’s Daily Digest, we have an abundance of accessories that can do just that.

How many times have you felt harried at work? Maybe you’re tired of waiting for your smartphone to charge at your desk so you can take an important call on the go. Perhaps there are too many wires strewn about your desk. Or maybe you simply want to make your workday easier. Smart desk gadgets can help alleviate tension by organizing your workspace, encouraging healthy work habits, and providing multiple functions.

Take the LumiCharge II, for example. It’s a multifunctional lamp with a charging area for your phone and a digital display to share the time, temperature, and more. This accessory is the perfect example of a smart device that offers an array of features, helping make your life easier and your desk more organized. Discover our list below of other desk accessories that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

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