When Naomi Campbell celebrated her 51st birthday on Saturday (05.22.21), she felt “blessed and grateful.”

The world-famous model has used Instagram to commemorate her first birthday since welcoming her first child to the world.

Along with a picture of her nostalgic baby taken by her mother Valerie Morris Campbell, she writes: [heart and praying emojis] (Sic) “

Naomi was also blessed by some of her famous entertainers on Instagram, including model Linda Evangelista.

Linda writes: “Happy birthday mom! [heart emoji] I love you! [heart emoji] It feels great to know that we are having a great birthday. “

Cindy Crawford also sent Naomi a birthday wish.

She said: “Happy birthday to this beauty and new mom. You already seem to have the best gift ever! [heart emojo] (Sic) “

In another heartfelt post, Janet Jackson wrote:

Lionel Richie, one of Naomi’s entertainers, praised the model as a “true pioneer.”

The music icon is written on Instagram as follows. “@ Naomi You are a pioneer and a true pioneer on and off the runway! [star emoji] Happy Birthday & Congratulations on the very special journey of motherhood you are about to embark on … [heart emoji] I can’t wait to see my baby (sic) “

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