On a wall inside one of National City’s newest eateries, Hero’s Café, hangs a neon light sign that reads, “What’s your superpower?”

Just below is a growing collection of photos of customers and employees and their written responses: “hardworking,” “super mom and dad,” “kind souls” and “superpower is learning.”

These are the words that remind the owners of Hero’s Café of why they took a chance and opened their first family business despite their concerns about a lack of experience and the pandemic’s economic toll on small businesses, said Dani Cruz, who co-owns the shop with her husband, Luis Garcia, and her sister-in-law Natalia Garcia.

“The reason behind the name Hero’s is that we wanted to emphasize how every single person, regardless of what you do, regardless of where you come from, the color of your skin, who you are, you are a hero, one way or another,” Cruz said.

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