Paycheck Protection Program

The Navajo people are getting some much needed help from their Tribal government as another round of COVID-19 hardship assistance checks are expected to roll out soon.

Enrolled citizens of the Navajo Nation can expect funds in the coming weeks with $2000 for every adult and $600 for minors, after Navajo Nation Tribal leaders signed a resolution approving $557 million in funding to be used as hardship assistance.

“Our people need help,” Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez said during the virtual signing on Facebook live. “This is the Navajo peoples’ money and we hear your voices.”

The resolution allocates funding that will provide direct financial relief and help mitigate the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by providing $2,000 in hardship assistance for adults and $600 for minors who are enrolled citizens of the Navajo Nation.

“This is a historic day for all Navajo people. Those living here on the Navajo Nation and all of our people off the nation, including our men and women serving around the world in the armed forces,” Nez said during a signing

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