Netflix has announced that Top Boy is to return for a third and final season, with filming to start this summer. Feast your eyes on a short teaser trailer to get yourself excited.

Confirming exactly that, the show’s official account tweeted: “Every TOP BOY has their time… and that time is coming.

TOP BOY will return for the third and final season, filming starts this summer.”

So, if you’re getting a bit confused by all of this, you’re not alone.

There are actually more series of Top Boy than three, but this is the third series to come to Netflix, and it’ll be the last.

The series started out on Channel 4 back in 2011, and a second season followed.

Though a third season was written, it was never picked up

Channel 4’s loss turned out to be Netflix’s gain – as is so often the case.

The world’s largest streaming platform snapped the show up in late 2017, ordering 10 new episodes.

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