In a shock new report, Digitimes has revealed that (for a second year running) Apple is set to launch a high proportion of its next gen iPhones with second class 5G. And the company’s most popular model looks to be one of them.

The news comes from Digitimes’ (historically reliable) supply chain sources, which state that Apple has added a fifth AiP (antenna in package) supplier – AT&S – to its ranks. The addition is part of a plan to “sharply boost the ratio of 5G devices to 60% of its new iPhone lineup in 2021.” But here lies the problem: this means the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 are going to miss out again.

availability is still limited, but it will expand significantly during the circa 3 years most iPhone 13 buyers are expected to keep their phones. When you do find coverage, is also ballistically fast with speeds up to 16x higher than its standard sub-6GHz implementation. Moreover, rivals like Google and Samsung are already delivering 5G mm Wave in smartphones at lower price points without Apple’s economy of scale.

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Apple promises superfast iPhone 5G but mmWave will again be absent from the iphone 13 and iPhone 13 … [+] APPLE
In contrast, iPhone 13 Pro models are expected to be upgraded to worldwide 5G mmWave compatibility. And perhaps this will be the biggest takeaway from Apple’s 2021 iPhones: the gap between Pro and non-Pro iPhones is growing. In addition to mmWave, Non-Pro models will again miss out on LiDAR and a third rear camera while iPhone 13 Pro models will increase their lead in connectivity, photography, upgraded displays and audio.

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