Woodland Park City Council’s July 1 appointments to the Downtown Development Authority board will bring major changes.

Three authority board seats are expiring and all three members — Tanner Coy, Al Born and Nick Pinell — applied for reappointment to four-year terms. Ellen Carrick is resigning from the board with three years remaining on her term.

Three other people applied — Jon Gemelke, Tony Perry and Arden Weatherford.

Councilwoman Stephanie Alfieri recused herself from the discussion because of a personal relationship with Coy. She said she wanted to avoid “undignified conversations.”

Before making appointments, council voted 3-1 to seek confidential legal advice in executive session on possible conflicts of interest from City Attorney Nina Williams. Councilwoman Kellie Case cast the no vote.

After returning to the regular session, council reappointed Born and appointed Perry and Weatherford to replace Coy and Pinell. Gemelke will finish Carrick’s term.

A few years ago, Weatherford was a plaintiff in a breach-of-contract lawsuit against the authority. The case was settled in 2018 with the authority paying Weatherford $130,000.

Authority Board member Jerry Good tried to speak about what he called “huge conflicts of interest,” but his comments were ruled out of order.

In other business, Council appointed Jeanette Horwood to the Keep Woodland Park Beautiful Committee.