The title of the book has not yet been announced, but CNN has learned that it will be published on September 21 by Simon & Schuster, which published Woodward’s first two bestsellers on the former President.

This time, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is working with Robert Costa of The Washington Post for an extensive look into the end of the Trump presidency and its transition to the Biden administration. According to a description from the publisher, the book will stretch into the early months of the Biden presidency.

Woodward’s first book on Trump, 2018’s “Fear,” detailed the measures taken by top officials and White House aides to prevent what they saw as a president unhinged, unable to control his own impulses, and unaware of how much danger his rash decisions could bring.
“Rage,” which came out last year, took readers inside the Oval Office during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, confirming that Trump understood how contagious and deadly the virus was long before the American people were made aware.
Trump declined to sit down for an interview with Woodward for “Fear,” but he gave the journalist unprecedented access for “Rage,” granting 18 free-ranging interviews, some in-person and many over the phone.