text, whiteboard: North Carolina Senate passes trio of election measures

The GOP-led North Carolina Senate passed a trio of election measures on Wednesday that will likely be stalled by the time they get to the Democratic governor’s desk.

One of the measures passed would cut off the acceptance of mail-in ballots to the day of the election. North Carolina currently allows such ballots to be accepted up to three days after Election Day as long as the mail is dated by Election Day, The Associated Press reported.

The measures were passed along party lines by Republicans. But unlike other GOP-controlled state legislatures that have passed voting measures, North Carolina has a Democratic governor who is likely to veto the bills, the AP reported.

“The bill will build confidence in our election system,” state Sen. Warren Daniel (R), who sponsored the bill, said, according to the AP. “Everyone saw how long it took North Carolina to declare winners in the (2020) presidential election and our U.S. Senate election. And this should help alleviate those concerns.”

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