Avowed might have to compete with Obsidian Entertainment’s other projects for resources, which could hamper the game’s development.

Although it was a complicated year for the game industry, 2020 still had a few pretty big game announcements. One of those announcements was Avowed. It’s a new RPG in the works at Obsidian Entertainment, a studio famous for its contributions to the RPG genre. Avowed takes place in the world of Pillars of Eternity, one of the RPGs that gave Obsidian its reputation, so fans already know they’re in for a treat. Even though Obsidian isn’t saying much about Avowed, fans have a lot of reasons to get excited, considering Obsidian’s consistent track record of delivering on IPs new and old.

Avowed fans have gone without updates long enough to accept that no news is good news. However, Obsidian isn’t staying completely quiet. At E3 2021, it appeared in Microsoft’s conference to reveal The Outer Worlds 2. Fans of Obsidian’s recent spacefaring RPG wanted a sequel, and now they’ve got it.

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