Reinvention is the action which something is changed; so much so that it many times appears entirely new. There are innumerable ways to transform a business that impacts the bigger picture. Transformation requires taking an honest look at what you want and what is the brand culture today. Sometimes reinventions are turing a 180 degrees and sometimes they come in the form of naturally forward extensions.

Related to this, American brand of male grooming products Old Spice has unveiled its first-ever brick-and-mortar barbershop since the launching on June 19th, 1937 —by William Lightfoot Schultz’s soap and toiletries company. Since the beginning, Old Spice was marketed with a nautical theme of sailing ships. Fast Forward, in 1990, Procter & Gamble purchased Old Spice fragrances, antiperspirant, deodorant and even skin-care from the Shulton company. Soon thereafter, the all powerful engine of Procter & Gamble had gone to work on brand identity and product offerings. And the rest is history.

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