Joe Paolino, as published in a recent commentary in this newspaper, thinks that we should use the nearly $2 billion in pandemic related funds coming our way to create, among other things, a modern-day version of the “Greenhouse Compact,” which was a highly publicized economic investment strategy in 1982 that provided a blueprint for Rhode Island’s economic future.

Though the initiative failed, as most think because of the heavy reliance on taxpayer funding, the blue-ribbon commission nonetheless produced some 70 recommendations that were enormously helpful to state and local planners.

This time, we don’t need to utilize state and local funds.

Why not be bold, like the former Providence mayor and R.I. director of economic development suggested, and create a plan that lasts for more than one or two budget sessions?

Rhode Island is blessed with a lot of remarkable individuals who have shown that they know how to grow businesses.

Companies like GTECH (now IGT) and Textron, which became global powerhouses.

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