Orangeburg County has received several USDA Rural Development Community Facility grants totaling $940,300.

The money pay for several items, including a portable restroom unit, cardiac monitors, library equipment and renovations.

“In an effort to save the taxpayers money, we have gone after, vigorously, USDA funding to help offset the costs of the different facilities and the different needs that the county had,” Orangeburg County Administrator Harold Young said.

County Council approved four resolutions accepting the grants during Monday’s council meeting.

The county will receive $35,700 for the portable restroom unit. The portable restroom unit will be used as the county conducts COVID-19 testing and other related activities. Young said it will allow the county to conduct such activities in rural areas without the need of brick and mortar restroom facilities.

The county will receive $196,000 to purchase cardiac monitors for the Emergency Medical Services Department.

Young reported the county received $42,900 to help with the costs of outfitting the Bowman Library.

Also, $193,900 will help with the renovation of the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office. The money will be used to purchase equipment.

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